Monday, November 23, 2009

Musings on a Quiet Monday

I have these words in my head. They come to me when I'm driving alone, with no one screaming "Mom, look!" every other second. They come at night when all I hear is deep breathing from sweet angels who are fast asleep. They come when I'm not deliberately thinking about anything in particular. Like now.

It's a Monday and the kids are in school. My husband had left for work. I should be doing the groceries but the car assigned to me has a rear tire that needed to be vulcanized. So I'm stuck at home until that's done. I feel blessed. After a hectic weekend, I have time to rest while most people are on their way to work. I had prayed for this time many years ago when life was just way too busy. That I could spend quiet moments reading, thinking, writing. Then writing some more. And now it has come to pass. Not that I am any good at it. I know my limits and there are plenty. But there are words in my head and I've had them since childhood. They float past--- like the bubbles my children blow on a lazy weekend morning --- so slowly that I'm able to catch them. Then there are days they come in torrents and want to be expressed all at once! They pop as soon as they are formed.

I want them to linger just a little bit more than usual today. I'm trying not to think about what time the car will be fixed or how I should be packing away all the birthday gifts my daughter had received over the weekend. I'm trying not to panic about the candles I need to buy so I can prepare our family advent wreath in time for Sunday or when I should call my mom to schedule her birthday lunch this week. When I think about these little things among the many I need to do on a daily basis, the words fly out of my head. There. I did it. They are gone. And so my day has just begun.

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