Friday, June 4, 2010

Turning Japanese

Japanese food -- I can probably eat it every day of my life! It's healthy, it's light and the way it's prepared is a visual treat in itself. So eating Japanese is always a delight.

At the restaurant we go to, the chopsticks cover has a tiny origami bird glued to it. On some you can find a blue one, on others yellow. Of course, being a grown up, I never notice this. I'm always too busy looking at the menu even when I already know what to order. Same old, same old. On the other hand, my seven-year-old daughter not only notices everything, she can find all sorts of ways to entertain herself, and the people around her. Today, she decides to tell a tale about three birds -- the ones stuck on my chopsticks cover, on hers and on dad's. The purple one is the oldest, her name is Anna. The green is Felix, and the peach is Feliza. They're friends, and they like to play hide and seek -- under the placemat, inside the napkin, behind the rice bowl. Oh, did I tell you that this storytelling session is interactive? We're not only supposed to look for them, we're also supposed to guess how old they are. And, whose brother is Felix-- Anna's or Feliza's? Hmm...tough one.

Dad and I go along with this because our order is taking longer than usual to prepare. Never mind if we're getting some snickers from the other table. And that mom gets really embarrassed being with girls who talk a bit too loud in restaurants. Finally, the food comes, and we tone down for awhile. But not for long.

I try to clean up my bowl, then focus on the next part of the story. There are three new birds now, courtesy of the wait staff. One of them is the twin sister of Anna, and her name is Victoria. The two others I forget. And this goes on. And on. Until the coffee jelly comes.

I think next time, we'll just go for pizza. At least they don't have chopsticks there.

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