Friday, July 17, 2009

Over a Mug of Cococrunch

I used to work in front of the computer with a mug of Cococrunch drenched in milk. I spent entire mornings productively typing and mousing away, thoughts flowing, uninterrupted. I could hear myself think. Loud and clear. There were days I had oatmeal in the same mug. But mostly, it was Cococrunch.

Then I had children, just two. My PC crashed at some point in time, I think just after I had used it to design my younger child's baptismal invitations. I had stopped e-mailing years before that, then quit saving journal entries in floppy disks and went back to longhand journaling in bed while my older child took naps beside me. I guess my PC knew its place in my life as a new mom.

Today, as I write this on a new computer called MAC, I feel rusty. My children are home on a Friday because there's a storm and I'm just waiting to be interrupted any minute now. Well not yet. I try to hear myself think and savor whatever time God will allow me to have. I know that pretty soon, I will have my entire mornings back. No rush. There's Cococrunch in the pantry. I just have to find that mug.

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  1. Hi MUG! And just like the first one, the comment here didn't get posted too. I said , I think you got over your dry spell with the PC really fast. As for me I just joined facebook 2 minutes ago but don't have time to post anything except my photo. Kc if I said Hallooo world (my caption) and didn't have a foto or joined facebook without a face, what good is that? So that is a baby step for me. But I think you have really taken a giant step with the connection issue by blogging, texting, and just keeping in touch. Face to face is good for me, too! =D