Friday, July 17, 2009

The Runaway Bunny

The other day, my two-year-old son brought me The Runaway Bunny to read before naptime. It was kind of beat up and worn at the edges after being read over and over when his older sister was his age. I didn't think he would want to read it considering his preference for books about trains and trucks, but I thought he must be entering a new phase so I obliged. After all, it was once a favorite.

When we started, I had flashes of how I used to read it to my older child - I would alternately change my voice from little bunny to mommy bunny much to her delight. But that wasn't the only reason that book became special. Back then, each time I read how the little bunny kept thinking of ways to run away from his mother, I would think of the song Yahweh You are Near, the one that goes... "where can I run from Your love, if I climb to the heavens You are there..." and I would always end up with a lump in my throat by the time we finished reading. I was a struggling, sleep-deprived new mom and the challenges that went with it kept testing my faith. Reading that book everyday was a reminder of God's steadfastness.

But then my daughter and I moved on to other books about frogs and toads and ballerina mice and The Runaway Bunny sat on the shelf, forgotten. When my second child came along, he was into other things and the challenges were different. And as I got more immersed into motherhood, with two highly-spirited kids, my spiritual life took the backseat.

Well, that particular day, as I read to my son who wasn't too thrilled about the changes in my voice, I heard a familiar tune in my head. I sighed to myself. There is no escaping the God who doesn't want to let go. And if you do try, He uses your children to remind you not to. Shucks!

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  1. I am annoyed that the comment I posted didn't get posted! Arrgh! But that's because I'm so untechy. I think I said, we let our tiredness and frustrations wear us down. So we let go. But God knows the stuff we are made of. And so He holds on. What an awesome God! Just remeber that your children are constant proofs of God's love for you.